Strategies for Controlling Groundnut Rosette Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa: Breeding for Disease Resistance, Seed Dissemination, Disease Management Education, and Generation of Transgenic Groundnut with Resistance to Groundnut Rosette Disease

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Phase 3




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National Semi-Arid Resources Research Institute, Serere (Uganda)

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Mike Deom

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The goals of the project are to develop and disseminate highly desirable groundnut cultivars with resistance to groundnut rosette disease (GRD) and drought tolerance to groundnut growing countries of SSA and to educate farmers on the use of the resistant cultivars with appropriate cultural practices to develop a management program against GRD. GRD-resistant cultivars from the ongoing breeding program will be evaluated for their performance against a range of variants of GRD-inducing agents in a variety of ecological zones of Uganda. In situations where the resistant cultivars are not acceptable or not preferred, the goal is to breed GRD resistance into agronomically acceptable varieties. GRD-resistant cultivars previously released will also be used for breeding resistance into preferred varieties. Preferred cultivars with GRD resistance, and drought tolerance, will be disseminated throughout the region. The long-term goal is that GRD-resistant cultivars will eventually be available to all ecological zones of SSA and along with appropriate cultural practices will result in the development of a sustainable disease management program against GRD throughout SSA. The drought tolerance trait will be retained so the crop will be less susceptible to drought during the end of the growing season. This later trait also results in reduced aflatoxin contamination and, thusly, provides for higher quality and healthier groundnuts.


1. Evaluate GRD-resistant germplasm presently in Uganda that originated from the ICRISAT-Malawi screening project for GRD resistance." 2. Breed GRD resistance from presently available resistant cultivars into cultivars preferred by farmers and consumers, such as valencia varieties. 3. Seed increases for desirable cultivars having GRD resistance and drought tolerance for dissemination to Ghana and other groundnut growing countries in SSA. 4. Educate farmers on GRD-resistant cultivars and appropriate cultural practices for developing a sustainable disease management strategy, as well as for technology transfer issues. 5. Generation of transgenic peanut with genetic engineered resistance to groundnut rosette disease.


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