The Priming Program of SANREM CRSP/Philippines


Project Code:

Start Date:
September 1993

End Date:
April 1994

CRSP Phase:
Phase 1

Not Available



Lead University:

Other Partners:
Heifer Project International Muntinlupa City, Philippines , Network for Environmental Concerns, Inc., SHAISI Foundation, Inc.(Philippines)

Principal Investigator(s):
Jim L. Orprecio, Romeo Banaynal, Glicerio Tan (Philippines)

Co-Principal Investigator(s):


The Priming Program of SANREM CRSP was meant to use effectively the time between the finalization of the SANREM CRSP Philippines Framework Plan and the initiation of program implementation. It was aimed at setting the stage for the onset of major SANREM CRSP activities in

Lantapan, Bukidnon.


1. Form a social anchor in the community for the introduction of major SANREM CRSP research projects. 2. Strengthen the existing formal and indigenous community organizations by enhancing awareness and skills of its members with regard to program and organizational planning. 3. Enable the community participants to articulate their socioagricultural situation and to effectively participate in natural resource conservation and management. 4. Provide formal and informal training related to sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.


- Five farmer workgroups (35 individuals from 25 farm families) with enhanced awareness and skills on sustainable agriculture. The trainings and exposure trips were one of the major initiating instruments in facilitating the education of the community about sustainable agriculture and natural resource management. - High level of enthusiasm for the participants to apply the learnings from the priming program activities. Introduction to alternative farming practices gave participants concrete examples which could make their farms produce a sustainable output of benefits for improved income. - Enhanced community awareness ofthe objectives ofthe SANREM CRSP. Meetings and workshops allowed the priming partners to explain the purpose of the SANREM CRSP and allay misconceptions which may have arisen regarding the program. - Drafting of the Farm Development Options by the priming program participants. The development options outlined short- and long-term plans of the priming program participants for improving their farm productivity and income. - Presentation ofa Poster. "Priming Program ofSANREM CRSP in the Philippines: A Participatory and Systems Approach Towards the Design and Implementation of Sustainable Farm Development Options" during the 3rd Asian Farming Systems Association Symposium held at the Midtown Hotel, Manila on November 7-10, 1996.

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