The Sciences and Art of Adaptive Management: Innovating for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management


K.M. Moore; with J. Alwang; R. Andrade; V. Barrera; M. Bertelsen; D. Birur; L. Buc; S. Cisse; D. Finney; C.B. Flora; E.A. Frimpong; C.A. Haas; S. Hamilton; P. Hepperly; S.M. Karpanty; K.M. Moore; S. Mostaghimi; J.P. Mueller; G.W. Norton; S.J. Scherr; D.B. Sherwood; G. Shively; A. Thiboumery; A. Toure; S. Walker; P. Wyeth

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Scholarly Article


Soil and Water Conservation Society

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Ankeny, IA


In this book, various authors describe their expertise and each explains a different aspect of adaptive management. This collective work offers a detailed breakdown of the nested landscape system, related case studies, and successful solutions for land management practices.

The landscape classification system–field, farm enterprise, community watershed, ecosystems, and governance or policy–helps to categorize different contributing factors, which can help explain the far-reaching effects of an action in a complex adaptive system (CAS). Because of the cross-scale interactions between individual actors and groups in a CAS, communication and cooperation between multiple stakeholders are essential for long-term sustainability.

Through the use of examples and explanations, this collaborate text explores the effectiveness of adaptive management techniques, and it explains how sustainable solutions can be achieved through the development of knowledge networks and the promotion of effective innovation processes with engaged social learning.

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