Trellis I: Engaging US students in international development

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Eco Finder; Rushnoi; Environmental Conservation and Agriculture Enhancement Uganda; : Randa United Farmers Group; Sustainable Agriculture Development Program Nepal; National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO┬ľ MUZARDI); Development in Gardening; Ghana institute of Horticulturists; Bvumbwe Agricultural Research Station, Malawi; Chepkiolel University, Ministry of Agriculture, and Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS)

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The Trellis Fund provides small-scale, in-country development organizations access to U.S. graduate student expertise, providing benefit to both the student and the in-country institutions. With a focus on impact and expansion of locally proven ideas, the Trellis Fund matches the organizations with students and provides modest funds to support the organization’s farmer outreach program.

The following graduate students received funding for these specific projects:

– University of California, Davis graduate student: Michael Wolff, Extension Services for Lake Victoria Wetland Farmers for Improved Horticultural Production,(Kenya ),Partner: Eco Finder

– University of California, Davis graduate student: Ariana Lundquist , Improving Pest Management Practices in Passion Fruit Cultivation ,(Uganda ),Partner: Randa United Farmers Group (RUFG)

– University of California, Davis graduate student: Allison Ferry , Economic Enhancement of the Ethnic Community of Kyamin Vdc in Tanahu, Nepal ,(Nepal),Partner: Sustainable Agriculture Development Program Nepal (SADP)

– University of California, Davis graduate student: Juliet Braslow , Promoting Nakati Production in Central Uganda ,(Uganda ),Partner: National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO


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