Trellis II: Engaging US students in international development

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Uganda Environmental Education Foundation; Ecological Services Centre; Eldoret Region Company-Christian Community Services; Sapporo Mobi-Vet; Eco-Agric Uganda; National Semi Arid Resources Research Institute/National Agriculture Research Organisation; Sustaining Rwanda Youth Organization; Teso Women Development Enterprise; Sustainable Agriculture Development Program; Uganda Network for Community Empowerment; PROMESA; Caritas Parroquial Esquipulas; Gardens for Health International; Rural Agency for Sustainable Development

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The Trellis Fund provides small-scale, in-country development organizations access to U.S. graduate student expertise, providing benefit to both the student and the in-country institutions. With a focus on impact and expansion of locally proven ideas, the Trellis Fund matches the organizations with students and provides modest funds to support the organization’s farmer outreach program.

The following graduate students received funding for these specific projects:

– University of California, Davis graduate student: Bob Johnson, Strengthening Irish Potato Production through Collaborative Exchange Research, (Kenya),Partner: Eldoret Region Company-Christian Community Services

– University of California, Davis graduate student: Whitney Brim-DeForest, Improvement of Indigenous African Leafy Vegetables (ALV) for Food Security in Urban Farmers, (Tanzania),Partner: Sapporo Mobi-Vet

– University of California, Davis graduate student: Carrie Teiken, Promoting Organic Pest Management and Control in Vegetables,(Uganda),Partner: Uganda Environmental Education Foundation

– University of California, Davis graduate student: A.J. Campbell, Promoting Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato for Improved Livelihoods in Hoima District,(Uganda),Partner: Eco-Agric Uganda

– University of California, Davis graduate student: Graham Savio, Adoption of Cowpea as a Horticultural Crop,(Uganda),Partner: NaSARRI/NARO

– Cornell University graduate student: Brian Flanagan, Promoting Organic Mango and Orange Fruit Farming,(Uganda),Partner: Teso Women Development Enterprise

– University of California, Davis graduate student: Sarah Sahlaney, Developing Tools for Intra-Household Resource Allocation in Vegetable Growing Households, (Uganda), Partner:Rural Agency for Sustainable Development

– University of California, Davis graduate student: Ephrem Rukundo, Value Addition and Reduction of Postharvest Losses, (Uganda), Partner: Uganda Network for Community Empowerment

– North Carolina State University graduate student: Rachel Suits, Improvement on vegetable cultivation practices through integrated pest management and farmers field school,(Nepal),Partner:Ecological Services Centre (ECOSCENTRE)

– Cornell University graduate student: Bryan Sobel, Mushroom farming initiative for better livelihood of widow farmers,(Rwanda), Partner: Sustaining Rwanda Youth Organization

– North Carolina State University graduate student: Arun Jani, Soil fertility improvement and increasing yield of organically grown tomatoes,(Nepal),Partner: Sustainable Agriculture Development Program

– North Carolina State University graduate student: Amanda McWhirt, Promesa Patuca,(Honduras),Partner: PROMESA

– North Carolina State University graduate student: Angel Cruz, Capacity building with women farmers in organic horticulture and family nutrition,(Nicaragua),Partner: Caritas Parroquial Esquipulas

– University of Hawai’i at Manoa graduate student: Gabriel Sachter-Smith, Improving banana maintenance, soil management and intercropping education among female smallholder farmers,(Rwanda),Partner: Gardens for Health International


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