Trends in the evolution of the prodynorphin gene in teleosts: Cloning of eel and tilapia prodynorphin cDNAs

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Jasem Alrubaiana; Stephanie Lecaudec; Justin Barbac; Laura Szynskiec; Nicole Jacobsc; David Bauerc; Christopher Brownb; Irina Kaminerc; Brian Bagroskyc; Robert M. Dores

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Scholarly Article



Date of Publication:
April 2006

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Not Available


Abstract: The detection of the prodynorphin gene in anuran amphibians and lungfishes may indicate that this gene arose as a result of the duplication of the proenkephalin gene early during the divergence of the Sarcopterygii, or that this gene may predate the divergence of the ray-finned fish and the lobe-finned fish. The cloning of prodynorphin-related genes from the pufferfish and zebrafish supports the latter hypothesis. This study analyzes trends in the radiation of the prodynorphin gene in teleosts. Prodynorphin cDNAs were cloned from the brain of the eel Anguilla rostrata and the Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus . These teleost prodynorphin sequences have distinct ?-neoendorphin, dynorphin A, and dynorphin B sequences, and a novel opioid sequence, YGGFI. The relationship of these teleost prodynorphin sequences to other actinopterygian and sarcopterygian prodynorphin sequences will be discussed.

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