Trip report: Improving goat husbandry and production in rural Zambia


T. Lewis

Type of Document:
Project Document


SANREM CRSP, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Blacksburg, VA


This report describes the work of Cornell graduate student Tamika Lewis with COMACO (Community Markets for Conservation), through the Wildlife Conservation Society in Zambia.

“COMACO’s main objectives are to boost local rural economies and biodiversity conservation by teaching and assisting with the development of sustainable agricultural practices. Participation is garnered partly through incentive programs that encourage the reduced and altered consumption of natural resources. This project aims to give local inhabitants of the Luangwa Valley region the tools to develop agricultural practices that will be sustainable gateways to self- and community empowerment. In the process, greater conservation of the rich biodiversity of the region will be ensured. Ensuring biodiversity conservation will also likely boost the tourism industries for these communities. [Lewis’] role in the project was to teach rural Zambians about goat husbandry: how to prevent, identify, and treat diseases common to these animals, which are kept in backyard farm operations.

The following trip report has been organized mainly chronologically. At the end, find a brief Summary of the main problems and concerns identified, estimated benchmarks for the goat production project, and recommendations for areas to focus on for future work.”

(Excerpts from author’s Introduction)

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