Using a Geographical Informaiton System within the BASIS Research Program

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Michael Shin

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Research Report


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Abstract: This report provides a preliminary account of how a geographical information system (GIS) can be integrated within the BASIS research program in Ethiopia, and provides recommendations for its development and use. Part I shows how data from different levels of analysis, and diverse sources, are integrated into a comprehensive food security database for the South Wollo. Spatial analyses which can be used to organize, inform and extend the on-going market surveys and market inventories in the South Wollo are illustrated in Part II, and the final section provides suggestions for future data collection efforts. Data for this report were collected by Dr. Michael Shin during his visit to Ethiopia between 27 July 1999 and 7 August 1999, which was shortened by approximately one week due to inclement weather and sporadic travel times. Presentation graphics within this report were created with the ArcView (version 3.1) GIS distributed by Environmental Systems Research, Incorporated, and MacroMedia FreeHand (version 8.0.1) graphic design software. Due to high start-up costs, both financially and in terms of technical capacity building which are documented in Shin (1998), subsequent GIS analyses for the South Wollo food security project should be conducted in the United States.

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Shin, Michael. November 1999. "Using a Geographical Information System within the BASIS Research Program in Ethiopia." 11 pp

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