Water Resource Management and Education in Watersheds of Bukidnon, Philippines


Project Code:

Start Date:
February 1993

End Date:
July 1997

CRSP Phase:
Phase 1

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Lead University:

Other Partners:
Heifer Project International; Central Mindanao University; Zenaida B. Catalan University of the Philippines at Los Banos; National Power Corporation; Agro-Industrial School, Inc.

Principal Investigator(s):
William G. Deutsch

Co-Principal Investigator(s):


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1. Facilitate the formation and development of community-based water quality monitoring teams and raise community awareness of water issues. 2. Conduct training workshops for analyzing chemistry (eight parameters), biology (aquatic biodiversity), coliform bacteria and total suspended solids in water.Monitor water quality of streams (including the Pulangi IV Reservoir) throughout the project site and relate it to land use within the watershed. 3. Monitor concentrations of coliform bacteria in drinking water, including in spring sources, community faucets and home water storage containers. 4. Develop action plans with community leaders (local government units, Department of Health, etc.) to conserve and protect water resources and improve drinking water quality. 5. Improve and develop aquacultural technologies for "back yard" fish ponds with farmer/researchers. 6. Assist teachers with environmental education that brings SANREM CRSP research findings into the classrooms of elementary and secondary schools.


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