Water Resources Management and Education


Project Code:
SEA 99-25

Start Date:

End Date:

CRSP Phase:
Phase 2

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Lead University:

Other Partners:
Central Mindanao Univ.; Tigbantay Wahig, Inc.; Central Mindanao Univ.; Heifer Project Interna- tional-Philippines

Principal Investigator(s):
William Deutsch; Jim L. Orprecio; Janeth Bago-Labis

Co-Principal Investigator(s):


Citizens were trained in water quality monitoring methods at a workshop in July 1994. This was followed by scores of workshops, meetings, and the establishment of a citizen monitoring group called Tigbantay Wahig, which means ”Water Watchers.” Tigbantay Wahig, which has conducted systematic water quality monitoring throughout the municipality for more than seven years now, is the primary data collector for this activity. Oversight for water quality monitoring is provided by a Heiffer Project International

(HPI) Field Office. Quality assurance is provided by HPI-Philippines and Auburn University


The goal of this activity is to promote the development and spread of commu- nity-based water quality and quantity monitoring in Lantapan, Bukidnon, Philippines and in Southeast Asia as a significant component of natural resource management and planning. Specific objectives for 1999-2000 were: 1. To support the growth and capability of the Tigbantay Wahig as a viable and sustainable people's organization in Lantapan, and extend community-based water quality monitoring to other parts of Mindanao (including Sarangani Province) 2. To collect water quality and quantity data for addition to a six-year database. This information will be useful for local water management and as a model for other communities; 3. To organize the water database for use in watershed models to be developed by the SANREM Southeast Asia Program; and 4. To conduct a feasibility study for the extension of the Lantapan model of community-based water monitoring through an NGO network in Southeast Asia.


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