Watershed-based natural resource management in small-scale agriculture: Sloped areas of the Andean Region


J. Alwang

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This presentation reports on the work of the SANREM CRSP long term research activity 3 (LTRA-3), “Watershed-based natural resource management (NRM) for small-scale agriculture.”

The objectives of the presentation are: – Present an overview of our SANREM research project, including objectives, methods, and relationships among research activities

– Give a flavor of some early findings – Discuss additional activities

Project objectives: Overall Goal: Enable and support local capacity to plan policies and interventions to raise incomes, improve social conditions and protect and improve the environment in Guaranda, Ecuador and Tiraque, Bolivia.

– Identify economic, social, political and environmental conditions in the watersheds and understand the determinants of these conditions.

– Generate and validate environmentally sustainable alternatives to improve production systems and enhance income generation.

– Create a means of evaluating the impacts of alternative actions, policies and interventions on income generation, and social and environmental conditions

– Build local capacity to evaluate policy alternatives, make and enforce decisions, and strengthen social capital.

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Presented at the SANREM CRSP 2008 Annual Meeting, Los Banos, Philippines, 26-29 May 2008

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