Web-based information delivery system for tilapia for sustainable development of aquaculture in Honduras


Brahm P. Verma; Daniel Meyer; Tom Popma; Joseph J. Molnar; E. William Tollner

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Conference Proceeding or Document


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Tegucigalpa, Honduras


Abstract: The project was focused on identifying and developing methods to create an enabling environment for sustainable development of aquaculture on Honduras. Honduras has large network of NGOs operating at village level, an exceptional educational institution in Zamorano with commitment to extend training and knowledge in aquaculture and an established in-country sustainable development electronic network operated by Red de Desarrollo Sostenible-Honduras (RDS-HN). We develop the concept of training the trainers

(NGOs working with farmers at village level) by bringing together Zamorano and RDS-HN and developing a Web-based Information Delivery System for Tilapia (WIDeST). In this approach WIDeST capture on the developed electronic information technology network and capacity of RDS-HN while providing a means to provide easy to use information developed by Zamorano. Furthermore, it provides a way to connect local NGOs, farmers, decisionmakers for exchanging information and enabling them to make informed decisions. The WIDeST provides information on Tilapia production and related topics, natural resources of Honduras, contact information of NGOs, and chat room facilities for conducting virtual forums and discussions. The email facility enables the user to ask questions which is answered by an expert. Since the inauguration session in March 2001, the Website has had more than 6800 hits, and more than 300 individuals formally registered to receive information. The participants at training and workshop sessions have found this to be an easy and useful approach and have provided strong encouragement for adding new information. The number of individuals already reached as evidenced from the numbers of visits to the Website provide a strong evidence that is may be a way to build capacity of local institutions in developing and environment that enables farmers to adopt aquaculture as an alternative in their farms.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Verma, B.P., D.E. Meyer, T. Popma, J. Molnar, and E.W. Tollner. Web-based information delivery system for tilapia for sustainable development of aquaculture in Honduras. Proceedings of the Sixth Central American Symposium on Aquaculture, Annual Meeting of the Asociacion de Acuicultores de Honduras (ANDAH) and the Global Aquaculture Alliance, pp. 126–134.

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