Why watershed-based water management makes sense


H. Francisco

Type of Document:
Research Brief


Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS)

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Makati City, Philippines


The alarming increase in the scarcity of water in various parts of the world has focused global attention on the need for a stronger and more appropriate water resource management solution. With about 166 million people in 18 countries suffering from water scarcity and about 270 million in 11 countries having “water stresses” conditions (World Bank 2002), it becomes imperative for nations to come up with more focused and direct measures that would address and stem this resource scarcity.

In this regard, how is the water situation, in particular, in the Philippines currently being addressed? Is it enough? What possible other solution(s) may be adopted? This Policy Notes looks into these concerns and presents a more encompassing approach to address them, i.e., through the adoption of a watershed-based water management approach.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Francisco, H. 2002. Why watershed-based water management makes sense. PIDS Policy Notes 2002-09, November.

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