Genetic Approaches to Eliminate Aflatoxin Contamination of Peanuts

Aspergillus infestation and subsequent aflatoxin (AF) contamination of peanuts remains a major worldwide concern due to the human and animal health consequences and economic and crop […]



Breeding Pearl Millet with Improved Performance and Stability

The goals of this project were to increase diversity of pearl millet germplasm available to breeders and researchers, identify sources of disease and pest resistance for […]

  • Start Date: 2000
  • End Date: 2007
  • Project Code: ARS-206
  • Lead University:

Sustainable Management of Insect Pests

This project emphasized collaborative research and education. The IPM approach was used to develop strategies to manage insect pests economically, ecologically, and environmentally. For effective IPM, […]

Management of Aflatoxins in Peanut Production, Storage and Utilization

The research project focused on using mycotoxin contamination as a quality indicator of preharvest and stored groundnuts to develop strategies for aflatoxin minimization in the following […]



Setimela, Peter

Country of Origin:

Development of Plant Disease Protection Systems for Millet and Sorghum in Semiarid Southern Africa

This project sought to develop and deploy of standard and disease specific germplasm nurseries throughout the SADCC region to monitor variability and impact of major sorghum […]

Modeling Millet and Sorghum Establishment and Growth and Sustainable Crop Production

This project sought to assess the efficacy of natural enemies for biological control of stalk borers and the millet head miner; (2) to implement effective biological […]

Improved and Sustainable Dryland Cereal Production Technology for Smallholder Farmers in Botswana

The major purpose of this sorghum/millet activity is to assist Botswana’s Department of Agriculture with dryland sorghum/millet research and development. This purpose is achieved by providing […]

Resource Efficient Crop Production Systems

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