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Kealeboga, Ramolemana

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Mathodi, S

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Breeding Sorghum for Developing Countries

This project aims to use the variability created from crosses between two complementary germplasm groups–recently bred high yield tropical food quality sorghums and elite U.S. lines–in […]

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Breeding Pearl Millet for Developing Countries

The principal objectives of this project are to supply collaborating scientists at LDC locations with both useful genetic material and information on how best to select […]

Breeding for Disease and Drought Resistance and Increased Genetic Diversity

The principal objectives of this project were to identity and develop disease resistant and drought resistant sorghum germplasm in diverse backgrounds for use by collaborating LDC […]

Development and Evaluation of Systems for Controlling Insect Pests of Sorghum/Millet by Integration of Resistant Varieties, Cultural Manipulation and Biological Control

The goal of this project was to develop insect control strategies for sustainable sorghum/millet production, namely, plant resistance and biological control.

Development of Control Programs for Millet and Sorghum Diseases in Semiarid Southern Africa

This project did an evaluation of the cross pathogenicity and virulence of both Exserohilun turcicum and Ranumlispora soighi Macrophominaphaseolina collected from diverse hosts in Southern African […]