Montero , Gustavo

Country of Origin:
  • Start Date: 1995
  • End Date: 1997
  • Degree: BS



Vergara, Oscar

Country of Origin:

Andes Project

The Andes program was established in 1994 in a watershed roughly 100 km from Quito, Ecuador’s capital. In this area, residents were struggling with the decreasing […]

Biological control of the Andean weevil Premnotrypes vorax on potato with Bacillus thuringiensis

The Andean weevil of potato (Premnotrypes vorax) is the most economically important insect pest attacking potatoes in Ecuador. It can affect 100% of the crop. With […]

Engaging the Whole: Operationalizing the Spread Effect at SANREM CRSP Sites

In addition to the administrative responsibilities of the Site Coordination Office (SCO), it serves the role of communications node for the host-country for the SANREM CRSP […]

  • Start Date: January 1993
  • End Date: August 1997
  • Project Code: P17-1
  • Lead University:

Development of Integrated Pest Management Alternatives for the Main Pests and Diseases of Platano (Plantain)

The main cause of low quality and productivity of platano (plantain) (var. Barranganete) in the region of “El Carmen” was attributed to pests and diseases, as […]

Policy Analysis and Pesticide Manual

A study was conducted of the policies affecting pesticide use in Ecuador. Nominal rates of protection (NPR’s) and equilibrium exchange rates were calculated to quantify the […]

  • Start Date: 1993
  • End Date: 1998
  • Project Code: Not Available
  • Lead University:

Gutierrez, Patricio

Country of Origin:

Mauceri, M.

Country of Origin:
  • Start Date: N.D.
  • End Date: 2005
  • University:
  • Degree: MS