Risk, perception, resilience, and adaptation to climate change in Niger and Tanzania

Building on household interviews conducted during the 2004/2005 food crisis, the RPRA project is developing indicators of pastoral community vulnerability and resilience to climate change, and […]

Karimou, Laouali

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Ibrahim, Abdoulaye

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  • Start Date: 2009/01/01
  • End Date: 2012/12/31
  • University:
  • Degree: PhD

Biological Foundations for Management of Field Insect Pests of Cowpea in Africa

Field and storage insect pests are the most severe biotic constraints for cowpea production. Insect-resistant cultivars have the potential to resolve some of the pest problems […]

Ecological-Based Management of Sorghum and Pearl Millet Insect Pests in Africa and the United States

Sorghum, Sorghum bicolor, and pearl millet, Pennisetum glaucum, are uniquely suited for production with limited inputs of water, fertilizer, and pesticides in Africa and the U.S. […]

Developing Sorghum with Improved Grain Quality, Agronomic Performance, and Resistance to Biotic Abiotic Stresses

Sorghum is poised to play a key role in expanding agricultural development and food security in countries around the world. New marketing opportunities for sorghum include […]

  • Start Date: 2008
  • End Date: 2012
  • Project Code: PRF 104
  • Lead University:

Integrated Soil, Water, Nutrient and Crop Management Strategies for Improving Productivity in Sorghum and Millet Based Cropping Systems

The goal of this project is to improve and intensify cropping systems to help transform sorghum and millet from subsistence to cash crop status, generate more […]

Grain Molds, Mycotoxins and Stalk Rots of Sorghum and Millet

Fusarium diseases that cause grain mold and stalk rot of sorghum and millet are the most important, but as yet unmanaged diseases, of these crops on […]

Development of the Input and Product Markets in West Africa for Sorghum and Millet

Over the next two years the focus will be on documenting the technology-marketing project effects and scaling them up principally in Mali and Niger. The project […]

  • Start Date: 2008
  • End Date: 2012
  • Project Code: PRF 103
  • Lead University: