Breeding for Productivity in Sorghum

The principal objective of this project was to bring together in a deliberately focused manner all those traits which cause the production of higher yielding sorghums […]

Tannins and Other Phenols: Effects on Sorghum Production and Utilization

This project is focused on elucidating the biochemical basis for anti-nutritional effects of sorghum tannins and other phenols and sorghum proteins.

  • Start Date: 1984
  • End Date: 1991
  • Project Code: PRF-104B
  • Lead University:

Sorghum and Millet Disease Control

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Development of Control Programs for Millet and Sorghum Diseases in Semiarid Southern Africa

This project did an evaluation of the cross pathogenicity and virulence of both Exserohilun turcicum and Ranumlispora soighi Macrophominaphaseolina collected from diverse hosts in Southern African […]

Simwemba, C

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Nyemba, Ronnie

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Pulse Value Chain Initiative–Zambia (PVCI-Z)

Pulses are important in concentrated locations in Zambia. Zambian Central Statistics Office (CSO) data show that cowpeas and beans are grown in all Zambian provinces, the […]