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Hidden Hunger Feature Trailer


  • Date of Publication: 8/1/2011
  • Author(s): Global Livestock CRSP
  • Type of Document: Media

Fecal Pathogen Pollution in Surface Waters of the Ruaha Ecosystem, Tanzania

Highlights the methodology and impact of Livestock-Climate Change CRSP research.

  • Date of Publication: 1/1/2010
  • Author(s): W.A. Miller; D.L. Clifford; R.R. Kazwala; A. Kitime; A. Kitambi; J.A.K. Mazet
  • Type of Document: Research Brief

Deteriorating Terms of Trade and Food Security Among Pastoral Livestock Producers in Kenya

Abstract: Over 80% of Kenya’s land mass of 58.3 million hectares is classified as arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs). In spite of the unfavorable weather conditions, […]

  • Date of Publication: April 2009
  • Author(s): Gatarwa Kariuki; Robert Kaitho
  • Type of Document: Research Brief

“Staying Together:” People-Wildlife Relationship in the Amboseli Ecosystem, Southern Kenya

Abstract: The relationship of Maasai pastoralists to the wild animals with which they share land and resources has been described as “harmonious” and “tolerant.” This research […]

  • Date of Publication: March 2009
  • Author(s): Joana Roque de Pinho
  • Type of Document: Research Brief

Global Livestock CRSP Annual Report 2009

Contains an Overview of activities undertaken by the Global Livestock CRSP in 2009.

  • Date of Publication: 2009
  • Author(s): Global Livestock CRSP
  • Type of Document: Annual Report

Are Cattle Die-Offs Predictable on the Borana Plateau?

Abstract: Drought regularly affects rangelands and contributes to high death rates for livestock and poverty for pastoralists. But do livestock losses occur randomly simply when rainfall […]

  • Date of Publication: December 2008
  • Author(s): D. Layne Coppock; Getachew Gebru; Solomon Desta; Sintayehu Mesele; Seyoum Tezera
  • Type of Document: Research Brief

Evaluating and Managing Zoonotic Disease Risk in Rural Tanzania

Abstract: Daily workloads and livelihoods in rural communities depend heavily on the availability of natural resources. When water is scarce, workloads increase, as more distance must […]

  • Date of Publication: 11/1/2008
  • Author(s): Deana Clifford; Rudovick Kazwala; Peter Coppolillo; Jonna Mazet
  • Type of Document: Research Brief

HALI Project Livestock Sampling, Ruaha Ecosystem, Tanzania


  • Date of Publication: 8/23/2008
  • Author(s): Global Livestock CRSP
  • Type of Document: Media

Homiah, Philip

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International Grasslands Conference Articles

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  • Date of Publication: 2008
  • Author(s): Aboud et al; Coppock et al; Desta et al; Gebru et al; Keya et al; Mutinda et al
  • Type of Document: Conference Proceeding or Document