Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

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World Food Prize 2012 | USAID IPM CRSP | Feed the Future Greenroom Interviews

Abstract: At the 2012 World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa Amer Fayad of the USAID IPM CRSP discussed his organization’s objectives and how he and […]

  • Date of Publication: 12/31/2012
  • Author(s): Agrilinks
  • Type of Document: Media

Virginia Tech entomologist helps Asian farmers fend off papaya mealybug

In 2008, the IPM CRSP identified the presence of the papaya mealybug in Indonesia and India. Since then, its efforts to control the devastating, invasive pest […]

  • Date of Publication: 10/14/2012
  • Author(s): Not Available
  • Type of Document: Newspaper Article

Arthropod Pests of Horticultural Crops in Tropical Asia

Abstract: Insect pests are a constant threat to agriculture in developing countries. They often cause up to 40% of losses to crop yields and affect food […]

  • Date of Publication: October 2012
  • Author(s): Muni Muniappan; B. Merle Shepard; Gerald Carner; Peter Aun-Chuan Ooi
  • Type of Document: Scholarly Article

Virginia Tech research program confirms presence of invasive insect in Senegal

The confirmation of Tuta absoluta is the first of the insect’s presence in the country. Tuta causes damage primarily to tomato but could also affect other […]

  • Date of Publication: 9/28/2012
  • Author(s): Melissa Smith
  • Type of Document: Newspaper Article

IPM CRSP Technical Workplan 2012-2013

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  • Date of Publication: 9/24/2012
  • Author(s): IPM CRSP
  • Type of Document: ME Documentation

Massive campaign reduces use of pesticides : Officials

According to Syed Nurul Alam, chief of the entomology division of the Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) and an IPM CRSP researcher, pesticide use has gone […]

  • Date of Publication: 9/7/2012
  • Author(s): Not Available
  • Type of Document: Newspaper Article

Important Farm Record Tools in Coffee as an Agribusiness Enterprise


  • Date of Publication: September 2012
  • Author(s): J. Bonabana-Wabbi; J. Kirinya
  • Type of Document: Media

Vegetable farming with new technology

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  • Date of Publication: 8/14/2012
  • Author(s): Not Available
  • Type of Document: Newspaper Article

Frequencies for Farmers

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  • Date of Publication: May 2012
  • Author(s): M. Smith
  • Type of Document: Impact/Success Story