Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture

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A Study of Aquaculture Brownfields: Abandonded and Converted Shrimp Ponds in Thailand

Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture CRSP investigation related to the scientific theme GIS: Planning, Policy and Global Data Analysis Research.

Assessing Watershed Ponds for Aquaculture Development in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

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Environment, aquaculture, and food policy nexus: Case study of two USAID aquaculture projects in Rwanda

Abstract: This case study centers on some of the institutional networks that evolved in Rwanda around aquatic food resources and how these networks acted as microcosms […]

  • Date of Publication: 1999
  • Author(s): Hillary Egna
  • Type of Document: Scholarly Article

Institutional requirements for aquacultural development in Africa: Lessons from Rwanda

Abstract: Ethnic tension has been an enduring part of Rwanda’s history. In pre-colonial times, a patron-client relationship existed between the warrior Tutsi tribe and the peasant […]

  • Date of Publication: 1996
  • Author(s): John F. Moehl; Joseph J. Molnar
  • Type of Document: Scholarly Article

Effects of Nutrient Availability on Primary Productivity and Fish Production in Fertilized Tropical Ponds

Abstract: Four fish species were grown in earthen ponds for 352 days in three treatments. Reference ponds received no fertilizer, TSP (triple superphosphate) ponds received 5.7 […]

  • Date of Publication: 1989
  • Author(s): Fatimah M. Yusoff; C. D. McNabb
  • Type of Document: Scholarly Article