Adaptation for Climate Change by Livestock Smallholders in Gandaki River Basin

Nepal is experiencing rapid climate change, whose nature and implications for livestock raising, under evolving rural social and economic systems, are poorly understood. This project aims […]

Improving nutrition and productivity of buffaloes to adapt to the impacts of climate change in Nepal.

Michigan State University, in collaboration with NARC, AFU and the DLS in Nepal, will conduct collaborative research on forage crop cultivation, feeding, and reproduction management in […]

Sustainable Pastoralism on the Borana Plateau: An Innovation Systems Approach

This study will test best-bet land and livestock interventions that can move the pastoral system bacy towards sustainability through a participatory framework that creates community action […]

Trellis III: Engaging US students in international development

The Trellis Fund provides small-scale, in-country development organizations access to U.S. graduate student expertise, providing benefit to both the student and the in-country institutions. With a […]



Disseminating Innovative Resources and Technologies to Smallholders (DIRTS) in Northern Region, Ghana

In Ghana’s Northern Region, smallholder farmers cultivate rainfed crops, face significant risk of weather shocks, chronically underinvest in input technologies, achieve just a fraction of potential […]

  • Start Date: 2012/10/01
  • End Date: 2015/12/31
  • Project Code: Not Available
  • Lead University:

A Multiple Interventions Approach to Increasing Technology Adoption with a View Towards Scaling-Up: Evidence from Mexico (MITA)

Crop yields in much of the developing world remain below potential partly due to low adoption of profitable technological packages (e.g. improved seeds and fertilizer). In […]

Selling Formal Insurance to the Informally Insured

Farmers face enormous production risks due to unpredictable rainfall, yet most do not have any formal insurance. One explanation for this is the existence of informal […]

  • Start Date: October 2012
  • End Date: 2015/09/30
  • Project Code: Not Available
  • Lead University: