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Williams, Michael

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Edralin, Don Immanuel

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Hok, Lyda

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LTRA-12: Conservation agriculture for food security in Cambodia and the Philippines

Degraded landscapes are expanding annually in Cambodia and the Philippines and decrease agricultural productivity, which in turn heightens food insecurity and exacerbates poverty. This project examines […]

LTRA-5: Agroforestry and Sustainable Vegetable Production in Southeast Asia Watersheds

VAF is the integration of vegetable crops with trees or trees with vegetable crops

Abonuhi, Bright

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Economic (Partial Budget) Analysis of IPM Packages

This project conducted economic analysis on the effects of IPM packages on green bean production.

Development of Spicy Meat Analogs and Technology Transfer of Value-added Products from Peanuts

In the US, there is a need for new value-added peanut products to increase human consumption and enhance the viability and stability of the peanut industry. […]