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Effect of Seed Dressing and Some Cultural Practices on Bean Fly (Ophiomyia sp), Bean Aphid (Aphis fabae) and Fusarium Root Rots on Beans in Iganga District

Farm trials in Iganga district were conducted to determine the effect of seed dressing and earthing-up on bean fly incidence and damage.

Influence of Minimum Insecticide Application on Insect Pest Populations and Yield of Cowpeas in Kumi District

Insect pests are a major constraint to cowpea production in Kumi. To mitigate against the pest problem, many farmers use insecticides, applied up to over 8 […]

On-farm Post-harvest Management of Bruchids in Beans and Cowpeas

Seven post-harvest treatments of common beans, Phaseolus vulgaris L.., including three botanical treatments (Mexican marigold , lantana, and tobacco), an ash treatment, a solar heat treatment, […]

Understanding Farmer Knowledge of Cowpea Production and Pest Management in Eastern Uganda

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Farmer Open Day and Field Training

Farmer open days were conducted at each of the four research sites in Iganga and Kumi Districts. Each field day was conducted in collaboration with farmers […]

Effects of Crop Rotation on Incidence of Pink Root Disease in Onion and Meloidogyne graminicola in Rice-Onion Cropping System

The three-year crop rotation experiment intended to suppress/manage pink root disease and root-knot nematode populations in onion-growing areas showed a dramatic reduction in pink root incidence […]

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