Full-time Assistant Director Position for SANREM CRSP

Posted by | 01.10.2013

The Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Collaborative Research Support Program (SANREM-CRSP) is seeking applicants for an assistant director position. For more information about the position and to apply please visit this link: http://listings.jobs.vt.edu:80/postings/36514. A  position summary is provided below.

Position Summary:

The Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Collaborative Research Support Program (SANREM-CRSP) is a US Agency for International Development (USAID) funded project which conducts research, promotes capacity building, and develops innovation to support the implementation of sustainable agriculture and natural resource management practices in Latin America and the Caribbean, West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. SANREM CRSP is managed by the Virginia Tech Office of International Research, Education, and Development (OIRED), which currently oversees a portfolio of approximately $90 million in international research and development projects. An Assistant Director is being sought to contribute to the mission of SANREM CRSP Management Entity (ME). Responsibilities will include:

•Provide administrative assistance to the SANREM-CRSP director with annual and semiannual reports, work plans and other materials required by the donor agency as needed.
•Assist the SANREM-CRSP Communication Coordinator to produce and disseminate written and electronic communication materials related to the SANREM-CRSP program targeting USAID missions, the Feed the Future initiative, policy-makers, private sector partners, SANREM-CRSP partners, the CRSP-Digest project, and lay audiences.
•Coordinate SANREM-CRSP participation in scientific and technical meetings (e.g., special sessions, symposia, workshops, and trainings).
•Collaborate in enhancing communication among SANREM-CRSP projects and networking initiatives to increase visibility, impact and extent of the SANREM-CRSP.
•Contribute to the coordination of the External Assessment of SANREM-CRSP.
•Produce Pesticide Evaluation Review and Safe Use Action Plans (PERSUAPs) for environmental compliance regulations in SANREM-CRSP trials and demonstrations.
•Participate in the generation of concept notes, expressions of interest, scopes of work and proposals.
•Related duties as assigned by the SANREM director.
Offer of employment may require prior approval from the granting agency