Global Center for Food Systems Innovations MSU:
First Round Innovation Grants – 2013 Request for Applications

Posted by | 08.22.2013

The Global Center for Food Systems Innovation (GCFSI) is one of eight new development labs funded by USAID in their Higher Education Solutions Network (HESN). Through HESN, USAID hopes to harness the intellectual capacity of American and international research and educational institutions to help solve the most pressing global development problems. Michigan State University’s lab focuses on generating solutions and transforming global food systems in response to population growth, climate change and urbanization. The core of the GCFSI mission is finding, incubating and evaluating new and potentially disruptive knowledge and technology based solutions to development challenges. This request for applications (RFA) is seeking applicants who can help create innovation in the global food system.

For this inaugural competition, the GCFSI is seeking to increase collaboration, catalyze the formation of multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional teams and build connections within the HESN and other institutions while building capacity for understanding challenges in global food systems.

Program Contact: Maria Murphy, Program Manager, GCFSI

To read the full RFA click here: GCFSI First Round Innovation Grants RFA