Upcoming workshop on Tuta absoluta: Meeting the challenge of the tomato leafminer

Posted by | 10.20.2013

EIAR, IAPPS, USAID and the IPM Innovation Lab are sponsoring an international workshop for scientists studying Tuta absoluta in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia November 26-28, 2013. The purpose of the 3-day workshop Tuta absoluta: Meeting the challenge of the tomato leafminer is to review current knowledge about Tuta absoluta and its spread, as well as methods to control the pest. A visit to a lab and a tomato-growing region in Melkassa willl provide a valuable practical learning experience.

Tomato is the most important horticultural crop in the world. Ever since the invasive tomato leafminer Tuta absoluta (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) was confirmed in Ethiopia and Sudan, experts have been bracing for substantial crop losses. Now that the leafminer has reached sub-Saharan Africa, there are no natural barriers to its spread across the continent. Because tomatoes play a key role in diversifying the economic and agricultural sectors of many developing countries, this threat to their production cannot be ignored. Environmentally-friendly control methods include the release of parasitoids and predators of T. absoluta. As agricultural practitioners and farmers learn techniques to combat the pest, it is hoped that catastrophic losses may be avoided.

Participants will: learn the insect profile of T. absoluta—its biology, host range, geographical distribution, and economic impact; they will learn monitoring and control methods, hear about the detection and management of recent outbreaks, and visit a lab as well as a tomato-growing area. Selected presentations will be published in a special issue of the journal Crop Protection.

REGISTRATION: $100 for international participants; ETB 1,000 for Ethiopian company participants and others from Ethiopia. (Lunches and transportation included.) Ethiopian government participants: by invitation only.

Intercontinental Hotel
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
November 26-28, 2013
Intercontinental Hotel – $150/nt single occupancy
Ghion Hotel – $75/nt. single; $85/double occupancy
Hotel Booking: Contact Dr. Gashawbeza Ayalew at:

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