Latin America and the Caribbean

Arresting environmental decline in Haiti: Learning about Conservation Agriculture

The farmlands of Haiti’s Central Plateau are severely degraded, limiting small-scale farmers’ ability to produce food and feed for home and market. SANREM CRSP researchers, together with NGO and government partners, are promoting better environmental stewardship by working with Haitian farmers […]

CRSP Research Increases Agricultural Productivity

Achieving increases in productivity, defined as deriving greater output per unit of input, is a central feature of USAID-funded agricultural programs and particularly the work of the Collaborative Research Support Programs (CRSPs). Productivity gains can come from improvement in breeding, […]

Peanut CRSP and Meds & Food for Kids Team Up to Support Haitian Peanut Farmers

  In Haiti, local peanut farmers have started supplying peanuts for the manufacture of ready-to-use therapeutic foods (RUTFs), which are nutrition-dense and contribute to reversing childhood malnutrition and supporting HIV-infected individuals.  Farmers are able to meet demand because they have […]

Helping Dairy Farmers Produce Greater Quantities of Milk with New Sorghum Forage Varieties in Central America

As a result of research of the INTSORMIL CRSP a new sorghum variety, “Sorgo CENTA S-2 bmr” was publicly launched in San Salvador, El Salvador. The new variety is the successful result of the long-term research collaboration between the USAID-funded […]