Candlenut-Oil Exports From Strength to Strength

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  • Date of Publication: February 2007
  • Author(s): Not Available
  • Type of Document: Newsletter

East Timor Candlenut Oil Processing Enterprise Project

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  • Date of Publication: 8/1/2006
  • Author(s): C.L. Cheshire
  • Type of Document: Media

Timor-Leste Agricultural Rehabilitation, Economic Growth and Natural Resources Management

The Timor-Leste final report was printed in September 2006. Only the Overview & Executive Summary from that report is printed in the Soil Management CRSP Final […]

  • Date of Publication: 2006
  • Author(s): G. Uehara; H. J. McArthur; J.B. Friday; M. Jones; R. M. Ogoshi; G.Y. Tsuji
  • Type of Document: Project Document

Effective incentives and chickpea competitiveness in India

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  • Date of Publication: 1998
  • Author(s): K.D. Rao
  • Type of Document: Thesis or Dissertation