Adapting Livestock Production Systems to Climate Change: Community Capacity-Building for Better Animal Health, Feed, Soil and Water


Durga D. Poudel

Type of Document:
Research Brief


Livestock-Climate Change CRSP, Colorado State University

Date of Publication:
February 2012

Place of Publication:
Fort Collins, CO


Abstract: Forest resources, soil productivity, crop production, and farm labor are intricately linked with livestock production systems in Nepal. These systems are deteriorating due to massive deforestation and forest degradation, declining soil productivity, climate change, and insufficient food and human nutrition. We began a comprehensive study of a livestock production system in the Thulokhola watershed in Nuwakot district, Nepal to document livestock production system and its adaptability to climate change. We formed nine community livestock groups (CLGs) whose members assess community assets by monitoring water quality, recording livestock production, collecting livestock fecal samples to test for parasites and fodder samples for nutritional determination. Members attend trainings and workshops about adapting livestock production systems to climate change. Preliminary findings show that the watershed’s livestock system has experienced forest degradation, the disappearance of natural springs, poor animal health, and impaired water quality

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