Annual research activity report – TMPEGS INDONESIA: Indigenous vegetables


B.S. Purwoko; A.D. Susila; M. Syukur; M. Palada; M. Reyes

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Project Document


World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

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Place of Publication:
Bogor, Indonesia


Summary: The objectives of this research was to determine the effect of different fertilizers and the effect of plant spacing (population) on growth and yield of several indigenous vegetables. Inorganic fertilization increased yield of beluntas, kenikir and kemangi. Fertilization did not give effect on katuk. Optimum population of katuk is 160,000 plant /ha, while for kemangi, the optimum population could not be determined. It could be increased to more than 200,000 plants/ha. There was no significant effect of plant spacing in kenikir. Three undergraduate students (all women) were involved. Two of them (Mega Ayu Lestari and Ratna Pambayun) graduated in September 2008. However, due to planting problem of terubuk, one of them (Nia Kurniatusholihat) will graduate later in December 2008. TMPEGS Indonesia had a meeting during preparation/proposal presentation at the early fiscal year and result presentation at mid fiscal year. Country coordinator invited researchers to discuss issues across fields. Result of the current research will be used as leaflet development and later be used for extension purpose in the next fiscal year.

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LTRA-5 Progress Report

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