Attributes critical to product acceptance of chocolate peanut cream by Bulgarian consumers

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D. Iserliyska; A.V.A Resurreccion; P. Paraskova; M.S. Chinnan; M. Ruinova; T. Petrova

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Scholarly Article


Peanut Science

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Abstract: Central location tests (CLT) were conducted for five consecutive days to determine consumer acceptance of chocolate peanut cream. Scales for intensity, just-about-right (JAR) and hedonic ratings were used to measure each attribute evaluated. Consumers (n = 152) were asked to rate the intensities of spreadability, chocolate, peanut and overall flavors, and texture using a 9-point scale. JAR scales were used to evaluate the same attributes as well as aroma; while overall acceptance was assessed using a 9-point hedonic scale. Means and frequencies of each sensory attribute were obtained. Chi-square analysis was used to analyze JAR ratings.

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Dida Iserliyska, Anna V. A. Resurreccion, Pavlina Paraskova, Manjeet S. Chinnan, Milena Ruinova, and Todorka Petrova (2007) Attributes Critical to Product Acceptance of Chocolate Peanut Cream by Bulgarian Consumers. Peanut Science: January 2007, Vol. 34, No. 1, pp. 53-58.

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