Bridging Human and Ecological Landscapes: Participatory Research and Sustainable Development in an Andean Agricultural Frontier


R. Rhoades (ed)

Type of Document:
Scholarly Article


Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Dubuque, IA


Table of Contents: Introduction 1. Breaking New Ground: Linking Research, Participation and Sustainable Development / Rhoades

Part 1. People and Land of Nanegal: History, Migration, and Perceptions

2. People, Land, and Society in Nanegal since Aboriginal Times / Valarezo 3. Environmental History of the Nanegal Area during the First Fifty Years of the Twentieth Century / Martinez and Rhoades

4. Migration and the Landscape of Nanegal / Rhoades, Martinez, and Jones 5. The “Montanas” of Nanegal: Perceptions, Images and Practices / Eguiguren

Part 2 Ecological Diversity, Land Use Change, and Production Systems

6. Ecological Diversity of a Tropandean Landscape / Penafiel, Campos, Pozo, Guevara, Josse, Vallejo, Valdebenito, and Valle

7. Three Decades of Land Use Change in the Nanegal Area: 1966-1996 / Pozo, Penafiel, Gllevara, and Josse

8. Sustainable Agronomic Management of Sugarcane in a Fragile Tropical Landscape / Calispa and Castillo

9. Livestock-Pasture Systems in the Nanegal Landscape / Penaherrera G. 10. Creating Land Use Change Scenarios: Past Patterns and Future Trajectories / Stewart

Part 3 Landscape-Lifescapc in Social and Political Context

11. Production Strategy Typology for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management / Flora, Larrea, Ordonez, Chancay, Baez, and Guerrero

12. Production Strategies and Gender / Ordonez and Flora 13. The Political Ecology of Cane-Alcohol Production and Distribution / Guest 14. People, Pastures, and Restoration Ecology: Eco-Development or Eco-Haciendas? / Diamond

Part 4. Community and thc Dynamics of Sustainable Development

15. Andean Elements in Nanegal’s Emerging Communities: Relevance for Sustainable Development / Valarezo, Bravo, and Bonilla

16. Community Sustainability in an Ecuadorian Landscape: The Role of Economic, Human, Environmental and Social Capital / Flora, Bravo, Flora, and Bonilla

17. Who Participates and Who Decides? Balancing Science with Local Community Reality / Ehrhart 18. Contrasting Scientific and Local Valuations of Land Use Change: The Future Visioning Methodology / Rhoades, Nazarea-Rhoades, Piniero


19. Bringing Sustainability Down-to-Earth: Reflections and Guidelines for Policy Makers and Practitioners / Rhoades and Valarezo

Additional Bibliographic Information

Rhoades, R. 2001. Bridging Human and Ecological Landscapes: Participatory Research and Sustainable Development in an Andean Agricultural Frontier. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.

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