C Far Project: Opportunities and constraints to using seasonal precipitation forecasting to improve agricultural production systems and livelihood security in the Sahel-Sudan Region: A case study of Burkina Faso


P.H. Kirshen; K.T. Ingram

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Abstract: This 3-year, multi-disciplinary research project, which started in June 1997, aims to better understand how regional and national institutions, and farm families in the semi-arid Sahel-Sudan Region of West Africa can use seasonal precipitation forecast to improve productivity and efficient use of resources in agricultural production systems. The project will also identify and recommend points of entry and appropriate modalities for integrating meteorology-based forecast with indigenous predictions and farming practices in ways that are culturally acceptable and positively affect the quality of life, food security, and environmental stability. Project results will lead to the design of an appropriate pilot project with partners from the region to test the application of seasonal forecast to improve agricultural resource management.

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Tufts University/University of Georgia Climate Forecasting and Agricultural Resources Project

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