Capacity-building and Strengthening of Livestock Production Systems While Adapting to Climate Change in Nepal

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Durga D. PoudelĀ 

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Rapid land use changes, forest degradation, soil erosion, climate change, policy deficits, and community inability to handle these challenges have caused a downward spiral of the livestock production system in Nepal. We hypothesize that the livestock production system in Nepal is intricately related to forest resource, soil quality, and crop productivity, and its development and adaptation to climate change requires capacity-building and strengthening of the production system. We have tentatively identified a representative watershed in Nuwakot district for this study. An interdisciplinary team will be involved in reconnaissance surveys, household surveys, group interviews, field visits, and round table discussions for a comprehensive understanding of the livestock production system and its adaptation to climate change. Assessment of challenges and opportunities for capacity-building at the community level will be done by forming Community Livestock Groups in the watershed and conducting various activities in relation to skills development such as feed storage, feed quality improvement by enriching rice straw with urea, and livestock monitoring. Similarly, capacity-building at the national, district and local levels will be assessed through institutional analyses, policy reviews, and office visits. Research results will be disseminated through various media outlets including scientific journals, newspapers, meetings, workshops, conferences, and community organizations.


1. Identify factors responsible for the downward spiral of the livestock production system Identify impacts of climate change on livestock production and the adaptation measures practiced 2. Assess opportunities and challenges for capacity-building at the national, district, and local level


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