Chemical, physical, and sensory characteristics of peanut milk as affected by processing conditions

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C Lee; LR Beuchat

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Scholarly Article


Journal of Food Science

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Abstract: The influence of processing conditions on chemical, physical and sensory characteristics of aqueous extracts of peanuts (peanut milk) prepared for lactic bacterial fermentation was investigated. Soaking peanuts in 1.0% NaHCO3 before extraction resulted in a lighter colored milk, and homogenization enhanced lightness. Cooking peanuts before grinding reduced total solids and protein Contents of milk. Hexanal concentration was greatly reduced by cooking peanuts for 10 min. The most satisfactory conditions for preparing peanut milk consisted of soaking peanuts in 0.5% NaHCO3, cooking for 10 min and homogenizing the extract at 4000 psi.

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