Coffee boom, coffee bust, and smallholder response in Vietnam’s central highlands


D.T. Ha; G.E. Shively

Type of Document:
Scholarly Article


Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Oxford, UK


Abstract: This paper studies the recent boom and bust in Vietnam’s coffee economy. Data from smallholder coffee farms in the Central Highlands are used to examine responses to a drop in producer coffee prices. A multinomial logistic regression model is used to identify several factors associated with four specific patterns observed among coffee farmers: no response to price change, reductions in use of purchased inputs, changes in crop mix, and responses aimed at enhancing liquidity through off-farm work or borrowing. Patterns of response are shown to have differed systematically across sub-groups of smallholders. Policy implications raised by the findings are discussed.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Review of Development Economics, OnlineEarly Articles

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