Commercial Runner Peanut Cultivars in the United States: Tocopherol Composition

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E.C. Shin; R.D. Phillips; R.R. Eitenmiller; Y.Z. Huang; R.B. Pegg

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Scholarly Article


Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

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Abstract: Tocopherols in commercially grown normal, mid- and high-oleic Runner peanuts from 2005 and 2006 were quantified to give accurate vitamin E Contents. Tocopherols were extracted from raw peanuts by a direct solvent extraction procedure using 10% ethyl acetate in hexanes that provided percent recoveries of 105.4, 101.2, 103.9, and 102.8 for ?-tocopherol (T), ?-T, ?-T, and ?-T, respectively. No significant (P > 0.05) differences were noted in total tocopherol levels in normal- (22.4 mg/100 g), mid- (23.9 mg/100 g), and high-oleic (22.4 mg/100 g) Runner peanuts. ?-T levels did vary significantly among the Runner cultivars classified by their oleic acid Content (mid, 11.7 mg/100 g; normal, 10.9 mg/100 g; high, 9.8 mg/100 g). Cultivar effects were highly significant (P < 0.001) for ?-, ?-, ?-, and ?-T and total tocopherol Contents, whereas production year effects were highly significant for ?- and ?-T levels. Year

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