Community partnership in the Richtersveld National Park (South Africa)


R. Robinson

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Abstract: The Richtersveld National Park lies in the north-western corner of South Africa and represents one of the major ecological areas not protected by the national parks’ system prior to its proclamation. It is the first fully ‘Contractual National Park’. The traditional land use is integrated in the management of the area and is in keeping with the South African National Parks’ policy on contractual national parks. The reasons for the establishment of the area as a national park is described and its relevance to the conservation of the country’s biodiversity covered as well as its contribution to the objectives of the National Parks Act of South Africa. The conflict and resolution of problems are summarised as well as presenting the benefits derived from the partnership for the community. The Richtersveld National Park is also considered in the broader context of challenges facing the national parks system in South Africa.

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Presented to the Scandinavian Seminar College Workshop: African Experiences of Policies and Practices Supporting Sustainable Development, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 9-11 November 1998

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