Conflict, Social Capital and Managing Natural Resources: A West African Case Study


K. Moore, (ed.)

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Scholarly Article


CABI Press

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Cambridge, MA


Table of Contents: Conflict and agropastoral development in the Sahel / Moore [et al]

The lifescape : production systems and social institutions / Cisse, Moore and Brewster

Landscape and soil characteristics of Madiama Commune / Badini and Dioni

Investigation into the movements of cattle, sheep, and goat herds through the Commune of Madiama / Ballo and Ouattara

Land use changes in Madiama Commune / Wynne [et al.]

Participatory landscape, lifescape appraisal / Earl and Kodio

Building social infrastructure for sustainable development / Moore, Cisse and Toure

Conflict management training / Goebel, Ampagoomian and Toure

Holistic management applied to SANREM research and development in Madiama / Bingham

Farmers’ knowledge and perceptions of soil fertility / Crane and Traore

Biophysical assessment of alternative soil fertility technologies through modeling / Badini, Traore and Toure

An economic evaluation of alternative soil management technologies / Peter Wyeth [et al.]

Economic linkages among occupational groups in the Commune of Madiama / Brewster [et al.]

Dry season feed supplements : the potential role of Cassia tora / El Hadj [et al.]

Controlled grazing : botanical response and animal performance / Abaye [et al.]

Social capital and improved NRM / Moore and Cisse

What we have learned / Moore, Brewster and Bertelsen

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