Consumer acceptance of peanut butter and products containing peanut butter in two Southeastern States in the U.S.

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CM Jolly; MJ Hind; PV Lindo; C Ligeon; H. Weiss

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Scholarly Article


Journal of International Food and Agribusiness Marketing

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Abstract: A sample of 606 students, staff and faculty from Auburn and North Carolina A&T State universities were self-administered a questionnaire to evaluate their weekly consumption of peanut butter and products containing peanut butter. The age group ranged from 16 to 78 years, with the majority coming from households of less than four individuals. Their incomes were fairly evenly distributed, with 38 percent earning above $40,000, 31 percent with $10,000 to $40,000, and 31 percent earning less than $10,000. Age, ethnicity, convenience, whether the product was served as a side dish, peanut flavor, and knowledge of fat Content significantly influenced peanut butter consumption; whereas age, ethnicity, income, crunchiness, nutrition, convenience, and consumer’s perception of fat level in the product affected the consumption of products containing peanut butter.

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