Controlled grazing: Botanical response and animal performance


O. Abaye; M. El Hadj; A. Kodio; M. Keita

Type of Document:
Scholarly Article


CABI Press

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Cambridge, MA


In chapter 15, Abaye et al. investigated the regenerative potential of pastureland in two villages through a controlled experiment with tethered grazing of small ruminants. This work builds on the Holistic Management (chapter 9) insight that animal impact is not simply a function of numbers of livestock or duration of grazing time in order to provide management indicators that optimize the potential of forage regeneration/biomass production rates, plant biodiversity, and animal performance. The chapter concludes that grazing vegetation down to a 3cm height on any particular parcel is likely to limit forage regeneration.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Abaye, O., M. El Hadj, A. Kodio and M. Keita. 2004. In press. Controlled Grazing: Botanical Response and Animal Performance. In Moore, K. (ed.) Conflict, Social Capital and Managing Natural Resources. CABI Press, London, UK.

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