Customer Profiles of Retail Food Outlets in the Emerging Market Economy of Bulgaria

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W.J. Florkowski; W. Moon; P. Paraskova; J. Jordanov; A.V.A. Resurreccion; M. S. Chinnan; L. R. Beuchat

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Scholarly Article


Journal of Food Distribution Research

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Abstract: The objectives of this study was to identify profiles of consumers frequenting three types of food retail outlets-grocery stores, farmer markets, and street stalls-to purchase food in a transition economy in Bulgaria. This study estimated two-stage decision models to distinguish between the two decisions of choosing to shop at a particular outlet and how often to shop. Retail-outlet selection and shopping frequency were affected by different sets of sociodemographic characteristics. In particular, household income was a major factor influencing the selection of farmer markets and street stands, but had no effect on the selection of and shopping frequency at grocery stores.

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