Demographic development of Lantapan


M. Paunlagui; V. Suminguit

Type of Document:
Scholarly Article


Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Los Banos, Philippines


This chapter reports on the demographic situation in Lantapan since it became a municipality. It examines population attributes such as age distribution and composition, growth rate, its causes and likely implications for the size of future population and pressure on natural resources. It provides a brief ethno-historical account of migration to the area by Dumagats1 , and of interactions between migrants and the indigenous Talaandig people in relation to the acquisition of land.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Paunlagui, M. and V. Suminguit. 2001. Demographic development of Lantapan. In Coxhead, I. and G. Buenavista (eds.) Seeking Sustainability: Challenges of Agricultural Development and Environmental Management in a Philippine Watershed. Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines: PCARRD.

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