Designing Payments for Ecosystem Services: Report from the East Asian regional workshop, Hanoi, April 2008


J. Oliver; L. Emerton; M. Smith (eds.)

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Research Report



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Table of Contents: Introduction 1. The Economic Background to PES 2. The Concept & Application of PES 3. Sustainable Financing: Examples & Perspectives from WWF 4. User-Pay System in Sea Use Law of China 5. Designing and Implementing PES: The Philippine Experience 6. The Pilot PES Policy in Vietnam & PES pilot sites in the Dong Nai River Basin 7. When Villages Pay Each Other: Lessons from Local Incentive-Based Mechanisms (IBMs) in Micro-catchments in India 8. Sustainable Financing of MPAs: A Case Study from Nha Trang Bay MPA, Vietnam 9. Tools and Issues in Identifying, Designing & Implementing PES 10. Identifying Marketable Ecosystem Services 11. Assessing Ecosystem Services 12. Methods for Valuing Beneficiary Willingness to Pay: Contingent Valuation of Marine Turtles in East & Southeast Asia

13. Why Pay? Why Reward? 14. Determining the form of PES Payments 15. Monitoring in PES 16. Results of the Group Exercise 17. Discussion on Marine PES 18. Legal & Policy Frameworks for PES: International Experience 19. Setting in Place PES: Negotiating Arrangements 20. Elements of a PES Agreement 21. Lessons Learned From PES. 21 What comes next after this workshop? 22. Closing Remarks This document is the report from the IUCN-GEF IW-Learn workshop on Designing Payment Schemes for Ecosystem Services held from April 3-5, 2008 in conjunction with the Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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