Development and optimization of a choco-peanut spread

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FCF Galvez; BJ Villarino; MB Aquino; AO Lustre; AVA Resurreccion

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Project Document


Peanut CRSP, University of Georgia

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Griffin, GA


Abstract: The recent nationwidesurvey on Filipino consumers’ preferences for peanut butter revealed that peanut butter consumers would want to have added flavors in their peanut butter. The flavor that is most preferred by consumers is chocolate. Development of a choco-peanut spread would encourage growth and diversification in the consumption of peanut products since consumers are given new and better choices. The study was conducted to develop and optimize a choco-peanut spread that is acceptable to the consumers using mixture response surface methodology. Specifically, the best type of chocolate flavor was determined and the roasting time at 140

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