Development and quality evaluation of peanut-extended chicken patties

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P Chompreeda; V Haruthaithanasan; C Oupadissakoon

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Scholarly Article


Journal of Food Science

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Abstract: Result of ratio profile tests; mixture of 40 parts of mechanically deboned chicken meat and 60 parts of fillet chicken meat was not significantly different from the ideal product of laboratory panels and 10 % peanut flour level was suitably supplemented to chicken meat in burger patties because their sensory quatities were not significantly different from non-extended burger patties. Percentage of water retention and specific volume whereas shear force, cooked loss, shrinkage and the percentage of moisture and protein were lower than non-extended chicken burger patties. Results of consumer tests 91 % of one hundred and nine consumers preferred hamburger and 63 % had eaten chicken burger. Almost all satisfied the characters of the tested products and 74 % of total decided to buy products after testing without worry about product price. Results of package and storage tests at -18 deg. Celsius, at which the products were, stored qualities analyzed in 3-week intervals for 18 weeks, chemical and physical qualities were significantly different from fresh ones at 9-weeks but sensory qualities were significantly different from fresh ones at 12 weeks. Total plate counts decreased from 125,000 colonies per gram to 9,000 per gram and yeast and mold counts were not over 10 colonies per gram in storage time. Qualities of the products which were packaged in vacuum bags were not significantly different from packaged in double wax paper and vacuum-bags together in the same storage time.

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