Development and quality evaluation of peanut-supplemented Chineese type noodles

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P Chompreeda; AVA Resurreccion; YC Hung; LR Beychat

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Conference Proceeding or Document


Institute of Food Technologists

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Las Vegas, NV


Abstract: Peanut-supplemented Chinese-type noodles were prepared from blends of Durum wheat flour and partially defatted peanut flour (10, 20, and 30%). Physical measures and sensory quality of cooked fresh noodles were evaluated. Lightness (L) and cutting force of noodles were reduced as the level of peanut flour was increased. Firmness, number of chews before swallowing, yellowness and all other sensory scores of noodles were decreased as the level of supplementation increased. Replacement of up to 15% of wheat flour with peanut flour resulted in noodles judged to have acceptable sensory qualities. However, sensory attribute scores of cooked oven-dried (70

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