Disease assessment methods and their use in simulating growth and yield of peanut crops affected by foliar disease in Benin

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M. Adomou; P. V. V. Prasad; K. J. Boote; J. Detongnon

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Scholarly Article


Annals of Applied Biology

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Abstract: Peanut (Arachis hypogaea) crops in Benin often experience late leafspot (Cercosporidium personatum), which causes severe yield losses associated with leaf defoliation and necrosis. The objectives of this research was to determine the best method of disease assessment and to test its utility in the CROPGRO-peanut model to simulate growth and yield as affected by late leafspot in early and late maturing peanut cultivars grown at different sowing dates under rain-fed conditions (without irrigation) in northern Benin. Two peanut cultivars TS 32-1 and 69

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