DNA Extraction from crayfish exoskeleton

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Yanhe Li; Weimin Wang; Xiaolian Liu; Wei Luo; Jie Zhang; Yasmeen Gul

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Scholarly Article


Indian Journal of Experimental Biology

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Abstract: Crayfish exoskeleton (CE) samples are Generally less invasive and easy to be collected. However, it is difficult to extract DNA from them. This study was intended to investigate CE as a DNA source and design an easy and efficient DNA extraction protocol for polymerase chain reactions. Specific primer pair (PPO-F, PPO-R) was used to amplify extracted DNA from CE, and compared to crayfish tail muscle DNA sample. Moreover, seven microsatellites markers were used to amplify the CE DNA samples set. Since the extracted DNA from CE is suitable for gene amplification, the results present usefulness of CE as an easy and convenient DNA source for PCR-based population genetic research.

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